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Vol. 4 No. 2 (2024): Jurnal Nasional Holistic Science

Published: 2024-08-31

Development of Individual Language Ability in View of Self-Ability in Early Childhood

Gusman Lesmana, Layla Suci Ramadhani, Irfan Farhan, Deliati Deliati, Eni Rahayu | Pages: 152-158

The Prophet's Political Communication and the Islamic Classical Period

Muklis Siregar, Junaidi Junaidi, Aminuddin Aminuddin | Pages: 168-173

Unimed Students' Views on Political Dynamics in the 2024 Presidential Election

Putri Lorenza Simanjuntak, Diva Nancy Audissa Simarmata, Nasya Adinda Putri Lubis, Marselinus Eprimsa Sembiring | Pages: 174-180

Blue Band Advertisements in Newspapers From 1900

Jimmy Saputra Tampubolon, Juli Pangaribuan, Nadya Deswita | Pages: 181-187

Application of Differentiated Learning to Increase Student Learning Motivation

Fadhilah Hayati, Maulidia Wanahari, Noveranza Habiyanti Said Siregar, Sri Rahmah Dewi, Bayu Gunarto | Pages: 188-194

Women's Organizations During the National Movement

Talenta Febriani Situmeang, Wardah Wardah, Chindy Atika Wd Nst | Pages: 195-199

Analysis of the Use of the Tandem Application as a Bipa Learning Media for Foreign Speakers

Ulfah Maulidiah Marwah Siregar, Dinda Octafriyanda, Romauli Hutagaol, Rina Lusiana Pangaribuan, Sunarti Sunarti, Safinatul Hasanah Harahap | Pages: 200-204

Case Method Learning Method in Implementing Pancasila Values

Sinta Bella, Desri Rut Hartati Nadeak, Muhammad Ardiansyah Rasuna, Chintia Margaretha Simamora | Pages: 205-209

Attitudes and Actions of Unimed FIS Students in Ethics Viewed from a Pancasila Perspective

Cici Adiputri, Duana Angel Simanjuntak, Elisa Sunarti | Pages: 210-213

The Influence of Campus Environment and Human Resource Management on Productivity in Economics Faculty Students at Medan State University

Nada Deliza Putri, Khairunnisa Khairunnisa, Reni Marlina Sianturi , Naomi Hutauruk, Fadhil Al Fahyed, Zulkarnain Siregar | Pages: 218-225

The Influence of Education and Training on Management Students' Interest in a Career in Agribusiness: A Questionnaire Approach

Grace Malau, Zulkarnain Siregar, Disa Khairani, Siti Fadilla, Najmah Khairiyah | Pages: 225-230

The Role of Parents in Accompanying Children's Learning Activities at Home

Besti Nora Dwi Putri, Suryadi Suryadi | Pages: 231-235

Analysis of the Use of Toba Batak Traditional Games as BIPA Learning Media

Citra Riskya Simanjuntak, Najwa Sabrina Putri, Intan Sri Devi Sitorus, Natasya Banawati, Joy Firdaus Silalahi, Safinatul Hasanah Harahap | Pages: 242-249

Student Perspectives Responding to LGBT viewed in Pancasila Values

Joshua Jofrat Erikogusto Hutapea, Rendi Rianto Simarmata, Ira Febriani Hasibuan | Pages: 250-255

Analysis of Bad Credit Problems in the Savings and Loans Cooperative Unit of SMK Negeri 9 Medan

Ripho Delzhy Perkasa, Aulia Rahmah, Ramandha Zidane | Pages: 256-259

Utilization of Toba Batak Traditional Culinary as Teaching Material for BIPA Learning Based on Local Wisdom

Sophia Veronica Manurung, Candy Carobelli Sitompul, Putri Luthfiyah Ritonga, Anisah Situmorang, Safinatul Hasanah Harahap | Pages: 260-266

The Role of Teachers in Implementing Multicultural Education in Social Sciences Learning in Elementary Schools

Zulkhairiah Azahra L, Fadhilatul Difla, Nurul Azizah, Syahlila Nasywa Irawan, Alya Amelia, Eka Yusnaldi | Pages: 267-271

Implementation of the Centra Learning Based Contextual Learning Model at RA Nurjannah, Tanjung Mulia Village

Syukur Madani Siregar, Windu Asmoro, Giska Nayla Maqah, Tiara Syabila, Zaki Salatin Amin Ginting | Pages: 272-282

Perspective on the Use of Universal Language (English) for Modern Retail Employees to Recognize Goods

Parulian Sibuea, Nazar Alwi Yahya, Jihan Amanda Hasibuan | Pages: 288-292

Application of educational games as an Arabic language learning method at MTs Negeri 2 Deli Serdang

Eka Septiana, Anggun Salsabila, Annisa Salsabila, Yana Kianshi Hasugian | Pages: 293-297
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