Focus and Scope

HC Covers all topics of all Education branches. Some of them are Social Science, Information Technology, Management, Education Science and all interdisciplinary streams of Social Sciences. The main topic includes but not limited to:

Section 1: Language and Literature Education

Language and Teaching

Literature and Teaching

Applied Linguistics


Second Language Acquisition

Section 2: Mathematics and Natural Science Education

Biology education

Mathematics Education

Chemical Education

Physics Education

Section 3: Social Science Education

Sociology Education

Economic and Accounting Education

History Education

State Ideology and Civics Education

Learning Methods on Teaching Values

Political Legacies and Critical Education

Studies in Financial Education

Enterpreneurship Education

Section 4: Primary Education

Instruction of Primary Education

Guidance and Counselling of Primary Education

Primary School Teacher Development

Technology and Innovation in Education

Section 5: Physical, Sport and Geography Education

Sport Pedagogy

Health Promotion

Test and Measurement on Sport

Sport Coaching

Traditional Sport

Recreational Sport

Geography education

Earth Sciences education

Section 6: Computer and Technology Education

Technology and Innovation in Education

Electrical Education

Information Technology

Computer Science

Section 7: Management

Management Education

Management Resource

Management Information System

Management IT